Past Public Events

A partial list of past conferences and events from 2009 to 2024 includes:

"Romantic Chemistry and Its Discontents: Assessing and Treating Lost Attraction in Couples," Suzanne Iasenza, Ph.D., CST, March 16, 2024

"An Affair to Remember: How the Psychodynamic Model Has(n't) Met the Moment," Joseph Shay, Ph.D., chair; Magdalena Fosse, Psy.D., David Goldfinger, Ph.D., Sejal Patel, Psy.D., and John Rosario, Psy.D., panelists, October 28, 2023

"Working with Complex Childhood Trauma in Couple Therapy:  From Dissociative Collusion to Shared Responsibility and Connection," Ron Nasim, Ph.D., March 4, 2023

"Difficult Conversations:  How Therapists Can Help Families Talk about Aging, Illness, and End of Life," Carolynn Maltas, Ph.D., Jennifer Stone, Ph.D., and Steven Krugman, Ph.D., 12/3/2022

"From Love at Last to Not So Fast:  Helping Couples and Families with the Challenges of Recoupling in Later Life," Patricia L. Papernow, Ed.D., 12/3/2022 

"Meeting the (Big!) Challenges of 'Blended Families':  What Works and What Doesn't for Couples and Families," Patricia L. Papernow, Ed.D., 2/5/2022

"The Impact of Racism on African American Couples:  Implications for Couple Therapy," Marjorie Nightingale, PhD, LMFT, JD; 11/13/21

"Parent-Child Attachment from Infancy through Adolescence: A Relational Lens for Prevention and Treatment in Pediatric and Mental Health Settings," Arietta Slade, Ph.D., Norka T. Malberg, Psy.D., Claudia M. Gold, M.D., Charlie Slaughter, MPH, Kathryn Litwin, M.D., Monica Bassette, Stephanie Krauthamer Ewig, Ph.D., MPH, Susan Phillips, PhD; 4/1/2021

"Can Couples Change Gender? Supporting Couples Exploring Gender Identity," Jean Malpas, LMHC, LMFT, presenter and Emily Frank, LMHC, discussant; 12/5/2020

"When One is Not Enough: Working with Couples Exploring Consensual Nonmonogamy," Magdalena Fosse, Psy.D., CST, presenter and Jennifer Bortle, Ph.D., case presenter; 12/5/2020

"Reclaiming Intimacy in a Digital Age:  Developing Relational strategies for Families, Couples, and Their Therapists," Todd Essig, Ph.D., presenter; 4/27/2019

"Before It's Too Late:  Treating Substance Abuse and Process Addiction in Couple Therapy," David C. Treadway, Ph.D., presenter; 10/20/2018

"A Contemporary Self Psychological Approach to Couple Therapy:  An Overview and Comparison with Gottman and Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy (EFT) Models," Carla Leone, Ph.D., presenter; 4/17/2018

"Couples on the Brink:  Scenes from a (Teetering) Marriage," 15th Anniversary, Paul Efthim, Ph.D., Belinda Friedrich, LICSW, Jerome Gans, M.D., David Goldfinger, Ph.D., Barbara Keezell, LICSW, Mary Kiely, Ph.D., Mark O'Connell, Ph.D., Joseph Shay, Ph.D., and Jennifer Stone, Ph.D.; 11/18/2017

"Accelerated experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP) for Couples:  An Introduction and Discussion," David Mars, Ph.D., presenter with Carolynn Maltas, Ph.D. and John Rosario, Psy.D., discussants; 4/1/2017

“When Things Get Hot or Not: Countertransference to the Erotic in Couple Therapy,” Suzanne Iasenza, Ph.D., presenter; 10/29/2016

“One Affair, Many Divorces: The Cascading Effect of Infidelity,” Red Well Theater Group with Robert Schulte, MSW, Eleanor Counselman, Ed.D., Belinda Friedrich, MSW, Ron Goldman, Ed.D., Barbara Keezell, LICSW, Justin Newmark, Ph.D.; 10/14/2016

“Deconstructing Impasses: A Road Map for Couple Therapy,” Michele Scheinkman, LCSW, presenter; 3/4/2016

“Rekindling Intimacy in Couple Therapy: An Integrative Multicultural Framework,” Michele Scheinkman, LCSW, presenter3/3/2016

“When Intimacy Feels Unsafe: Healing the Trauma Legacy in Couples Therapy,” Janine Fisher, Ph.D, presenter; 10/24/2015

“Couples on Fire: What Should I Say and Why Should I Say It?”  Roberta Caplan, Ph.D., Diane Englund, LICSW, Jerome Gans, M.D., David Goldfinger, Ph.D., Carolynn Maltas, Ph.D., Justin Newmark, Ph.D., Mark O'Connell, Ph.D., Susan H. Phillips, Ph.D., Joseph Shay, Ph.D., and Jennifer Stone, Ph.D., presenters; 3/21/2015

“Crossing Boundaries: Integrating Couple Psychotherapy with Sex Therapy,” Suzanne Iasenza, Ph.D., presenter; 4/12/2014

“Rethinking Couple Therapy: Innovative Approaches to Love, Sex and Infidelity,” Esther Perel, MA, LMFT, presenter; 11/16/2013

“How Was It for You? Attachment, Sex, and Couple Psychotherapy, Christopher Clulow, Ph.D., presenter, Marina Kovarsky, LICSW, case presentation; 9/29/2012

“‘You say tomato, I say tomahto’: Couple Therapy with Culture and Class in Mind,” Ilana Tal, PhD, presenter, Lynne Layton, PhD and Justin Newmark, PhD, discussants; 10/29/2011

“Working with Addictions in Couple Therapy,” Lance Dodes, MD, presenter, Theresa Bullock Cohen, LICSW, case presentation; 4/9/2011

“Sexual Issues in Couple Therapy with Gay, Lesbian and Heterosexual Clients,” Suzanne Iasenza, PhD, presenter; 10/30/2010

“Working Through Trauma: The Healing Power of Narrative in Psychoanalysis and Film,” Ken Burns, Donna Bassin, Sue Grand, PhD, Gerald Stechler, PhD, and Jaine Darwin, PsyD, presenters

“Couple Therapy for Discrepant Sexual Desire: A Case Presentation and Panel Discussion,” presented by Wendy Caplan, LICSW, Luanne Grossman, PsyD, and Judith Leavitt, EdD; 4/22/2010

Virginia Goldner, PhD, Anna Ornstein, MD, David Scharff, MD, and Jill Savage Scharff, MD have been notable presenters in past years

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